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Members of the project
Diana Berger Jöran Felgner
Anne Meyberg Jan Steckbauer
Stephanie Wengel Tim Ehrlich
Juliane Elze Konstantin Brandt
Veronika Thäle Jens Wiesner
Leader of the project
Miss Hammer Miss Morawe

General facts
The agricultural landscape of the "Goitzsche" is one of the largest landscape projects of the world and was awarded the North american Landscape Architecture Prize at the Edra Places Awards Competition in July 2001. 
Here, an attractive recreation area of 60 sq km containing sports facilities in bays, on islands and peninsulas but especially on the 25.7 sq km of water surface, which is supposed to have 1.5 m high waves in future, is formed.
All in all, the project cost approximately 100 million EURO. A small choice of sports facilities includes hiking, sailing, fishing and flying.

The waterfront of Bitterfeld
    The waterfront of Bitterfeld reaches from the former open-air swimming pool of the town to the sea-level tower. You can explore it along the 2525-metre-long promenade, which is illuminated at night. 
    It is covered with asphalt up to the valley of the Mulde River and the rest is filled up with gravel. On the part which has been covered by asphalt you can already watch crowds of tireless inline skaters and bikers.
    The promenade can also be used to go for a walk. You can admire the fantastic scenery of the landscape or the old romantic villa.

    At the Bitterfeld end of the promenade you can find the following facilities:
    - a huge new sportsground suitable for a 400-m-distance
    - a football ground
    - a long jump pit
    - volleyball and basketball fields
    You can use the areas at any time or watch sports competitions .

    The biggest part of the water front shall become a harbour with steep banks in the future. A yacht club has already been founded this year. Besides boat trips, for example to the “Bäreninsel” (nature reserve) are planned. A swimming area shall be developed near the old waterworks at the beach.

2. The sea-level tower
The sea-level tower has already become the emblem of the “Goitzsche” landscape. You can admire the water and the villages of Friedersdorf and Mühlbeck from the top of the tower.
You can also find a stop for the “Tschu-Tschu"-train and carriages here.
Consequentely you can explore the area without a car. Near the look -out tower parking facilities and offers for gastronomic service  are planned.
Near the old mill a shopping mall and a multistorey covered car park will come into being.

3. Friedersdorf - Mühlbeck - Pouch
Near the „Villages of  Books“ - Friedersdorf and Mühlbeck - a swimming area, a soccer ground and a camping site are planned.
The bay of Pouch with its drifting stones (deeply moored plates, which are loaded with stones and which shall serve as an aim for swimmers) shall offer the possibility for surfing and other kinds of watersports. (A diving club is already existing.)
The Agora Peninsula in Pouch is a real place to experience There are for instance cones and hills on it, on which you can get an impression of the surroundings (they shall remind of the coal extraction). For families the maze is a welcome change.
On the peninsula numerous footpaths offer a good opportunity to relax since they can be discovered by walking and cycling.
The local newspaper „MZ“ has already organized walking tours, on which interested people visited the sights of the Agora.
The historical „Red Tower“ is an emblem of the village and a great outlook over the surrounding.
4. The Goitzsche-forrest
Near the sports ground you can find a fitness trail with natural walking -, running - and cycling tracks and also with picnic areas.

In this landscape close to nature you can also find works of art like the „Goitzsche guardians“ (Goitzsche-Wächter). Besides informative guided tours on foot, by bike and by short distance trains are offered. Various observation points can be useful destinations, too.
The "Goitzsche forest near Holzweißig with its well-preserved flora and founa invites people who want to relax as well as hikers. Here you can also find the Ludwig´s Lake, where you can spend geat summer days.
General means of transportation are not only the bicycle and your own feet but also horse-drawn carriages, the solar mobil or the little train „Tschu-Tschu" train you can use for fun activities like a „Robber trail“.
„Robber trail“ mean: medieval banquets, archery, broomstick throwing and throwing a palliasse.
Sign boards supply trips keep sportsmen fit. Road signs show the way into and through the "Goitzsche forest".
5. The mulde reservoir
Even the Mulde reservoir was a former open-cast mining area like the other Goitsche lakes, until it was flooded in 1975. Since then the Mulde reservoir has become a recreation area.
The club, which has been existing since 1929 and has been called „Wassersportclub Friedersdorf e.V.“ since 1991, offers a big variety of leisure facilities.
You can go in for sailing and canoeing, hiking tours, sports in general and dragon boat trips. Canoe racing is particularly popular with children and teenagers. They meet from Mondays till Fridays from 5 pm to 7 pm, and on Fridays from 4 pm to 6 pm to train how to use their slim and wobby kayaks and Canadian or racing boats.
The club invites all who are at least 16 years of age and who enjoy competing with 21 other sportsmen.
The dragon boat is a very large boat which offers enough space for 20 canoeists, the drummer and the cox.
At numerous competitions, e.g. the “ Mulde Reservoir Regatta“, which clubs from all over Germany take part in, they can prove their speed and skills by boat. To be fit for such competitions training camps are organized, too. The traditional opening and final paddling ceremony is great fun for everybody. They are drifted by the flow of the Mulde River and enjoy the landscape. Whoever isn`t used to the racing boats just uses the safe canoe or Canadian boats. So it is an experience for everyone.
At the aerobics section all women are welcome. From from 7 to 8 pm (Monday to Wednesday) stepaerobics and a belly- leg- bottom workout are offered. The large number of participants of the courses think it is great because having fun, meeting friends and getting into nice shape you don`t usually get at the same time.
From May till September all men and women can go in for sports in beach volleyball. There is something special for children, too. Holiday camps are organized on demand. There you can scout the surroundings, go swimming, try to go by boat and much more.Whoever is interested in sailing cannot only get some fresh air at the watersports club “WSC Friedersdorf“ but also at the sailing port of Pouch.
For all campers Schlaitz is a perfect place. In the Schlaitz “ Heidecamp“ you can either go camping or do cycling trips to the “Irrgarten“ (maze) in Altjeßnitz, to the Goitzsche- lakes or around the lake.
Of course, catering services are also available there. Besides footpaths invite visitors to walk through the Düben Heath.
Those who want to see the Muldestausee in full size should join a tour on the ship “ Muldeperle“.
Perhaps you also experience the annual swimming competition through the Muldestausee from Pouch to Schlaitz, which is joined by about 300 professionals and amateurs.
General facts
1. The waterfront of Bitterfeld
2. The sea-level tower
3. Friedersdorf, Mühlbeck and Pouch
4. The Goitsche forest
5. The Mulde reservoir

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