Opinion poll about the "GOITZSCHE"area
1 .Which means of transport would you use to travel to the "GOITZSCHE"?
a) bus, b) bicycle, c) car

2. Which parking facilities would you use?

a) park and ride service, b) nearby parking

3. Which parking fees do you think are adaquate? (per hour)

a) up to 1.50 DM, b) 1.50 DM up to 2.50 DM, c)  day fees of about 5 DM

4. On which days would you most likely visit the "GOITZSCHE"?

a) on weekdays b) at weekends

5. At what times would you are visit the "GOITZSCHE"?

a) on weekdays:a)in the morning, b) in the afternoon, c) in the evening
b) at the weekends: 1.Saturday: a) morning, b) afternoon, c) evening  2. Sunday: a) morning, b) afternoon, c)evening
6. Would you use bus connections if parking fees were too high?
a) yes, b) perhaps, c) no
7. In which time intervals should there be bus connections?
a) every 10 minutes, b) every 30 minutes, c) every 60 minutes
8. Would you use shuttle buses like the "Tschu-Tschu-Bahn"to reach different destinations at the lake?
a) yes, b) no

9. What type of shuttle buses should this be in your opinion?

a) paid by a charge, b) free of charge having a carpark ticket, c) free of charge having a bus ticket
1. Aims of the Project
2. The questionnaire - the aim of the survey and hypothesis
3. Evaluation of the questionnarie data collecting and interpretation
4. Conlusions
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