The river that disappeared

The River Mulde used to flow along the village Pouch. In 1975, the river was diverted to drain the open-cast mining ´´Goitzsche`` and to be able to mine  about 80 million tons of brown coal. The project reminds us of the former riverbed of the Mulde. The artists formed the old riverbed of the Mulde in a wave-like movement with bushes, perennial herbs, soil, sand, road ledges and old parts of basement. Because of the wave-like shape, the old riverbed of the Mulde is to be seen again. In the course of the years, this created movement of landscape will wind its way through the countryside like a green river with a length of 1,8 km. The nature ´´as the last partner of the project`` will care for this lasting change of waves and lines. Where the old riverbed reaches the future lake, wood pegs of different heights mark the wave theme.

1. What is the ´´Goitzsche``
2. The cultural landscape of the "Goitzsche"
3. History of the "Goitzsche"
4. The flooding of the "Goitzsche"
5. The art projects of landscape in the "Goitzsche"
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