The Boats

The Dutch sculptor follows the train of thoughts: ´´New, changed landscapes justify and also demand new symbolism.`` The boat will replace the excavator in the ´´Goitzsche``. Sculptures of boats will point at it on top of the Peninsula Pouch. But the original location of the project is situated in the Southeast of the peninsula. The installation of several boats, lying at a landing stage leading from land into water and of a small wooden building (the shipyard) at the beginning of the landing stage connects artistic and useful aspects. In contrary to the remaining objects of art in the ´´Goitzsche``, the outrigger is to look like it has grown naturally and not being produced artificially.   Ashore you are to come upon boats established by Kamphuis, that are not fit to drive and present  strange-looking shapes. These boats shall invite to climb, to play or to dream. Who doesn´t fantasize about going by boat up to the horizone and discovering the wide world when standing ashore of a lake or an ocean? Kamphuis ties on to the wide world also in traditional way: Since the 60´s, tents and collapsible boats are produced in Pouch, that are known worldwide among experts. For the production of the boats the Dutch artist has drafted a shipyard in the form of a hut. There you can meet the ship-builder at work. The construction material will be old wood from the ´´Goitzsche Forest``

1. What is the ´´Goitzsche``
2. The cultural landscape of the "Goitzsche"
3. The History of the "Goitzsche"
4.  The flooding of the "Goitzsche"
5. The art projects of the landscape in the "Goitzsche"
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