The Guardians of the ´´Goitzsche``

´´The Guardians of the Goitzsche`` are to watch over the ecologically accentuated replanning of the open-cast mining landscape. The figures and erratic blocks are standing at the Paupitzscher Corner near the Lake of Paupitzsch.

Model "The Guardians od the Goitzsche"
Ten iron guys of 2,10 m height, provided with red shields and red flags, are posted around one big erratic block of the open-cast mining.

There´s a circle arranged around the guardians consisting of about 70 small erratic blocks, that are to send very special messages.

With the help of pupils from the Holzweißig Secondary School, that painted pictures of their home and of their everyday life for the guardians, motives were created, which Herzfeld chiseled into the erratic blocks together with a stonemason. 

These messages and pictures of the pupils will still talk about the evolution of this place and the area around in the distant future.

1. What is the ´´Goitzsche``
2. The cultual landscape "Goitzsche"
3. The History of the "Goitzsche"
4. The flooding of the "Goitzsche"
5. The art projekts of the landscape in the "Goitzsche"
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