The AGORA-Park

The AGORA-Park is planned as a place for events with stage that measures 142 meters in diameter altogether. The area for the audience offers 3800 seats on two floors.

A far-reaching curve on the Peninsula Pouch leads to a theatre, the AGORA (the AGORAS were public meetings in ancient Greece) surrounded by piled up walls of earth with circles arranged like stairs, it looks like an amphitheatre. Its shape reminds us of a human ear and alludes in that way to the deliberately produced acoustic specials of this fairground.
The AGORA is to become its own scene of experience for sports and games, art and history, botany and recreation, silence and noise. On 8th/9th July in 2000 artists from all over Europe performed the concert ´´Goitzsche 2000`` there on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Kurt Weill. This concert was the beginning of further events.
On 9th September 2000 Herbert Grönemeyer gave a performance with an orchestra on the peninsula.
The draft of the AGORA-Park is coupled with an acoustic room of experience, the ´´Forest of Sounds``, that encloses the interior of the fairground on a wall.

1. What is the Goitzsche
2. The cultural landscape "Goitzsche"
3. The History of the "Goitzsche"
4. The flodding of the "Goitzsche"
5. The art projects of  landscape in the "Goitzsche"
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