The Cones and the Hills 

The altogether 8 hills and 49 cones shall remind us of the former mining landscape and be a contrast to the flat surface of the water.
The surfaces of the cones are covered with typical colours in mining the earth, like the yellow sand of the ´´Goitzsche``, the coal and the other materials left.

The hills are skillfully decorated with arranged iron particles of former open-cast mining equipment and partly put turf down.
The artificially created memories of mining will be grind down naturally by the weather within the next decades.
The history of the place can be read on this work of art. It reminds us of the transitoriness of the mining era and the constant change of the area. 


1. What is the "Goitzsche"
2. The cultural landscape "Goitzsche"
3. The History of the "Goitzsche"
4. The flooding of the "Goitzsche"
5. The art projects of landscape in the "Goitzsche"
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