´´Pegelturm`` with seabridge
´´Pegelturm`` with seabridge

The ´´Pegelturm`` was built as a symbol for the changing landscape around. This symbol of architecture can be reached by a bridge which is 200 m long. The speciality of this tower is that ´´Pegelturm`` and bridge are fixed on pontons and swimming on the water surface as far as the water reaches its appropiate height.
There are 293 steps of a spiral staircase up to the tower to a platform which enables to have a panoramic view in a height of 26 m above sea-level. A fine, massive steel net wraps up the tower and gives the necessary safety while climbing up the steel construction.It is fastened to a 64 km_-large steel ponton. The cylindrical inside-wall is put onto an awl with a reiforced concrete core. This core is 21 m long and is 1,30 m in diameter with a weight of 20 tons. The basement is fastened in the soil and able to carry a weight of 100 tons.
The arrangement of the area around ´´Pegelturm`` and bridge will make it more attractive in the years to come.
This area will be connected  to the way ´´Promenadenweg`` along the water skyline of Bitterfeld.


The tower ´´Pegelturm`` and bridge in buildin ...

... and the final construction.
With the rise of the water-level they swim on the water surface.

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2. The cultural landscape "Goitzsche"
3. The History of the "Goitzsche"
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