Swimming stones

The swimming stones make something disappearing visible: For years the stones had been moved as mining debris. Later, former miners sorted tons of gravel to remind of  the colours of the former open-cast mining landscape, before everything will disappear in the water.
Stones of the ´´Goitzsche`` were brought on 10 square rafts of 6x6 meters each. The colours of the selected stones are black-aubergine, rusty red, ocre yellow and shining white.
Since 2001, these rafts are visible on the water of the eastern shoreline near the village Pouch, where they will always seem to look differently because of the water movements and lighting conditions.


1. What is the ´´Goitzsche``
2. The cultural landscape ´´Goitzsche``
3. The history of the "Goitzsche"
4. The flooding of the "Goitzsche"
5. The art projects of landscape in the "Goitzsche"
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