Biology - Alteration and Flooding of former mining areas

Planning and alteration of the Goitzsche
The concept of the EXPO 2000 contains the alteration of the 60km2 area of the 9 devastated areas left by coal-mining into recreational and nature conservation parts. 

In 1996 "Knoll Ökoplan"worked out the master plan to coordinate the different planning intentions of the communities.Furthermore guidelines, legal regulations as well as conditions of the mining department according to the security of embankments,communities´ planning intentions and natural circumstances of the area had to be fulfilled.
The main statements of the masterplan were the separation of the Goitzsche into 2 parts.
The first part,situated in the south-west of the area ,shall contain the recreational aspect as well as the protection of the existing and rare types of biotopes.
The second part,situated in the north-east,offers recreation for the people because of extended water areas and available traffic connections near the shore.In some places,profitable possibilities for the residential communities are planned:bathing beach at lake"Ludwigsee"in Holzweißig, keep-fit trail in the forest of Petersroda.
In the area of Bitterfeld,a sailing district as well as a bank reinforcement and a bathing beach are planned.The area Mühlbeck/Pouch shall serve intensive recreation in form of bathing beaches,a camping ground and a mooring for boats.The Pouch Peninsula shall be used for the quiet recreation of nature and people.

In addition several open-air works of art shall be realized here respectively are realized.


  • The representation of the flowing of the River Mulde on the  peninsula and along the bordering shores
  • Floating stones in the area of the village Pouch 
  • pyramid water/continent in the area Mühlbeck
  • footbridge from the south point of the peninsula Pouch into the water
  • hill country on the island-"special fields"on the peninsula Pouch created according to form and colours 
  • gardens of water as experimental continuation of the initiative"experimental gardens of water", realized in 1997

The planned (today already built up)flooding installation should make the water of the Mulde river flow into the former mining areas.At the onset of this installation, at the B100, the creation of the sea-level tower ("Pegelturm")is planned. 

The Agora-peninsula Pouch

The word "Agora" dates from the Greek antiquity and means as much as "market-square" or "meeting point" .The aim of this project is the creation of a vivid meeting place, where people meet, talk to each other, go in for sports and enjoy nature. Young and old, natives and strangers, art lovers and free time sportsmen, they all can meet here.

Projects on the Agora-Peninsula which should be realized:

  • A Goitzsche-Research Centre,f or the ecological  renaturing, development and use of flooded former mining areas afterwards
  • A Goitzsche museum for showing typical materials of opencast mining like steel elements, rock chunks or wooden sleepers
  • The Agora-a central meeting point 
  • Arboretum-cultivation of foreign species of trees similar to  botanical gardens 
  • A tree museum with plants of the region 
  • Contemplatio-offers for a contemplative stay 
  • The way of history on which historical objects should be set up as a memory of mining 
  • guest memorial-guests have the opportunity to immortalize  themselves by a tree donated 
1. Geographical position of opencast miming areas
2. Historical development of former opencast mining areas an their remains
3. Planning and alteration of the Goitzsche
4. Flooding the former mining area
5. Realisation and remodelling of the open-cast mine area to the cultural landscape Goitzsche
6. Survey of inland waters quality
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