Biology - Alteration and Flooding of former mining areas

Members of the project:
  • Marco Boost
  • Marko Röder
Leader of the project:
  • Mr. Kohlstock
  • Mr. Heckel

Geographical position of opencast mining areas
The redevelopment room of the Goitzsche with its numerous building fields and today´s former mining areas is situated to two third in the Federal State Saxony-Anhalt and to one third in the Free State of Saxony.

The former brown coal reservoir surrounds the town Bitterfeld from the north-east to the south-west and encircles a mining area of 60 square kilometres.

It extends along the "B100" and the "B183" and is marked by the villages Friedersdorf,Mühlbeck and Pouch in the north-east,by Löbnitz,Sausedlitz and Benndorf in the south,by Petersroda,Roitzsch,Holzweißig and Bitterfeld in the West. (next)



1. Geographical position of opencast mining areas
2. Historical development of former opencast mining areas and their remains
3. Planning and alteration of the Goitzsche
4. Flooding of the former mining area
5. Realisation and remodelling of the open-cast mine area to the cultural landscape Goitzsche
6. Survey of inland waters quality

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